India, to Know Her is to Love Her

In November 2016 I was fortunate to visit India on a fourth trip. I have always traveled to southern India, particularly Chennai, as it is the home of the International Theosophical Society where I do volunteer work. Southern India has also been the home of my late yoga teachers, TKV Desikachar and K Pattabhi Jois.

This trip was an ego cruncher in a BIG WAY.  The primary challenges included lost luggage (for 2 weeks!), a very devastating cyclone, demonetization of India currency (making it nearly impossible to change money) and destruction of my laptop (without a back-up, duh). Learning to live in the moment and accept what is presented.

The following photos are the few that survived my laptop accident. For a fuller view you can right click back and forth on the photos. I am so blessed to have the opportunities to travel and study in this field of yoga, meditation, and philosophy. Moving deeper into 2017, I am hopeful to begin sharing some of this wisdom in classroom settings. My wish is to meet all of you again soon in the near future.

Namaste Blessings

Catalina, so close yet so far away

Welcome to Santa Catalina!  An island off the coast of southern California, one of the Channel Islands in fact. The photos speak for themselves. Catalina is very beautiful; a bit like an adult Disneyland as tourism is the primary industry. I have taken a summer season job here to help with the funding of a return trip to India in the fall. Since I have lived much of my life in southern CA, it is nice to be back home. You are all invited to visit.
Summer Love and Blessings from another of the happiest places on Earth!  If you click on the photos you will get a fuller view.

Thus Far in 2016

What month is it anyway? Year? Winter with the Buddhists. Spring with the Hindus. Life as a traveling yogi sometimes translates into forgetting the month, place, and time of year!

In December I was blessed to visit and attend teaching at Karma Triyana Dharmachakra in Woodstock, New York. Yes, Woodstock is the hippie haven you might imagine. Into the spring it was a return to the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Retreat in Woodbourne, New York. I was happy to connect with former friends and to make many new yogi friendships; indeed a highlight was receiving the newly ordained Swamis’ in May.

Traveling to California for a summer job, in my next post I will share the beauty of a southern California coastal island. Since access to wireless is always iffy in out of the way places, I would hope that this post does not take another 6 months!

Love   Be Happy   Namaste

Fun Shots from Michigan 2015

The Great Lakes are indeed Great and make for a beautiful summer holiday! While working in Michigan this year I enjoyed much of local Midwestern flavors and attitudes. Without a doubt Michiganders are some of the kindest and most friendly people I have ever encountered. Thumbs up to Michigan!

Thanks to my hosts: Amber and Kim Elve for visits to Grand Rapids; and to fellow yoga teacher Tracy Flynn and Christopher for a great Halloween weekend!

And thank you, Michigan, for the fond memories.

Good Bye to Song of the Morning

Autumn spirals into winter and we are weeks away from the end of this year. I am not yet used to writing “2015”. Is anyone else bewildered by this?

I was honored to work at the Song of the Morning Meditation Retreat in northern Michigan for half of this year. The Retreat is founded on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and is the home of a truly beautiful group of people. The following photos depict the autumn landscape. Please go to their website for more info and a complete listing of their offerings.

Thank you to all the kind souls that I connected to during my time at SOTM. May the new year bring so many wonderful blessings to you all!



Yoga Fest 2015

August 2015 in northern Michigan, what better than a weekend festival of yoga, kirtan (devotional music) and meditation? Arriving in March, I am currently a staff member and yoga teacher in residence at the Song of the Morning Meditation Retreat in Vanderbilt, Michigan. The following photos share some of the beautiful fun of this four day event, Yoga Fest MI. Check out their website for complete info.

I hope your summer plans include staying cool. Blessings on these Dog Days!



Spring in Michigan

The United States is a very large landmass. Anyone who has driven across it, be it North to South or East to West, has spent many hours “on the road”. Since the majority of my life experience has been in the southern half of the U.S., arriving for March in Michigan has been a slightly different Spring experience. The following are scenes of the Michigan landscape near the village of Vanderbilt, 65 miles from the junction of Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. Snow and ice continue to reign, however this is the perfect time for sapping the maple trees.

Wherever you are this time of year, Nature is abundant in beauty of all variations. Happy Happy Spring!


One Year Ends, Another is Well Underway

Most of you know me as the un-technical person that I am. Travel has become a way of life and sitting to do a blog post can at times be difficult. Facebook seems to be the popular form of staying in touch, and since I am not a Facebook post-er, I am comfortable to hide in the shadows of my blog. Still I was somewhat surprised to be reminded that it has been 7 months since my last post. Wow, speaking of out of the loop!
That said, during the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 I traveled along the West Coast returning to San Diego for Christmas. I was in San Diego for 7  weeks during which time I closed my storage locker and reorganized my personal effects. The following photos were taken en-route as I visited with friends and family. Many thanks to my hosts along the way: Valentina Marchetti in Vancouver, Canada, Phil and Karla Lazier in Sacramento, Elle and Gabe Morley-Larson in Pasadena, Mary Jane and Michael Smith in Los Angeles, Nancy Caciola, Felicity and Matt Taylor in San Diego, and Bob and Tami Nowell in San Antonio, TX. Always a big thank you to Stacy Magic for her help with paperwork!  Such a blessing to spend time with these wonderful friends.
I will be heading to north central Michigan to work at a meditation retreat for the spring and summer of 2015. Life on the road as a traveling “sadhu” is not the lifestyle choice for many. It somehow seems to work for me. I wish you all a wonderful spring and summer. I am always happy to hear from friends and former students. May Blessings be with you all!

Stehekin, Washington

August of 2014 finds me in the North Cascades National Park in central Washington State. Having never visited the Pacific Northwest,  I was excited to spend the summer on Lake Chelan, 180 miles east of Seattle and 85 miles from Canada. The village of Stehekin is 50 miles by boat from the nearest town. There is no wireless service and telephones are by satellite. Not conducive to blog posting!

Here are a few shots of Stehekin, breathtakingly beautiful! However, full coverage will need to come at a later date when access to the internet is more dependable.

Best Wishes for many beautiful days to round out your summer. Life is to be lived!


Spring! I am on the road in California re-connecting to friends and loved ones along the way. After months of snow and freezing temperatures in the Rockies, the beauty and warmth of spring is pleasurable indeed!

Sacramento is the capital city of California. Affectionately known as the River City, it was founded at the confluence of three rivers, the Sacramento, the American, and the San Joaquin. I recently spent four lovely days with friends Karla and Phil LaZier in “Sac”. The following photos document an afternoon’s outing on the Sacramento River.

In the Gold Rush years of the 1850’s, river boats were a primary means of transportation between Sacramento and the Pacific Coast via San Francisco. Today the Sacramento River Delta is the shipping and rail center for the Sacramento Valley, an important center of national food production. This afternoon river outing only covers 4-5 miles of river front, but you see within this mileage several old and famous bridges; a fun way to spend a glorious spring day in Northern California!

I hope spring 2014 finds you well and happy. My summer adventures will include the “wilds” of Washington State. Stay tuned!


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